We’re committed to partnering with you to bring together expert advice and proven rubberware performance to increase milking efficiency and profitability in the dairy shed. Below, you’ll find our technical resources designed to assist you in making informed rubberware decisions.

About Skellerup
Skellerup Overview
Skellerup is a New Zealand-based company, proudly supplying premium dairy rubberware to the local dairy industry for over 85 years. Discover our diverse range of products designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
Milking Liners Guide
Serving as the primary interface between the milking system and cow teats, selecting the right Skellerup milking liner is vital for both milking performance and animal health. Explore the key performance features and maintenance plan to ensure peak performance.
Milk and Air Tubing guide
Our tubing options for New Zealand dairy sheds include milk tubing, single or twin air tubing, and claw/pulse tubing, offering a complete solution to fully equip an entire dairy shed. Explore the range and find guidance on care and maintenance plans.
Milk Filter guide
Skellerup milk filters, proudly made in New Zealand, safeguard milk quality. Designed for single use in the dairy shed, they come in various sizes, with sleeve or sock options. Explore our full range and learn best practice for maintaining optimal milk quality.
Rubberware Maintenance guide
Regular rubberware maintenance is vital for efficient milking, mitigating mastitis risks and preserving milk quality. Learn best practice and top tips for conducting systematic checks and guiding preventative maintenance.
About our Technical Specialists
We have a team of qualified Technical Specialists across New Zealand, dedicated to educating and supporting both our retailers and farmers to make informed dairy rubberware decisions. Discover your local Skellerup dairy Technical Specialist.
Skellerup has an extensive range of tried and tested products, including milking liners, tubing, milk filters, dairy accessories, animal health solutions and washdown equipment.
Get support

Get ahead this season, book a FREE dairy rubberware review now. The local Skellerup Technical Specialist will visit the dairy shed to troubleshoot, document, and review dairy rubberware. During the review, the Technical Specialist will:

  • Isolate and troubleshoot issues in the dairy shed
  • Provide rubberware recommendations to suit the milking equipment and dairy herd
  • Give expert advice to optimise milking efficiency, milk quality, and cow health
  • Issue a rubberware maintenance plan
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