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To get the most from your dairy shed this season, it pays to correctly set up your shed and perform regular maintenance checks to maximise the efficiency of your milking system. This helps to minimise the likelihood of teat end damage and the risk of grades.

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Featured videos
Follow these tips to troubleshoot common issues in the dairy shed this season. Watch the video series below to learn more.
Milking liners
Are your liners slipping off the claws? Have you noticed damage to liner tailpieces? In this video, you will learn how to troubleshoot common issues with milking liners in the dairy shed.
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Cup slip and cluster alignment
Cup slip and cluster alignment are key factors impacting effective milk out. Improve your milking performance this season, watch now to learn more about troubleshooting these common issues in the dairy shed.
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Liner change and rubberware care
Regular maintenance checks and following rubberware care guidelines will help you to maximise your milking performance this season. In this video, you will learn tips for looking after your rubberware to ensure your getting the most from your dairy shed.
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For expert advice and recommendations on your rubberware requirements this season, contact us for a free consultation of your dairy shed.
Liner Replacement Calculator
Use the Liner Change Calculator
Find out when your liners need changing next, and set a calendar reminder.

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