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Having the correct liner for your breed and rubberware for your milking shed can make a big difference to milk yield as well as cow comfort. Milking liners are the only contact point between your cow and the milking machine. All Skellerup ‘M’ liners are multi-fit and will suit the majority of milking claws used in New Zealand. 

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Reflex Vacuum shut-off (SO) liners 

Shut-off liners have a vacuum shut-off groove on the tail that activates as the cluster is turned over at cupping-on.

  • This stabilises the vacuum and helps to reduce cross contamination of mastitis from infected cows to others in the herd.
  • The shut-off also helps reduce pressure on the liner where it connects to the milking claw nipple.
  • Cows with 3 teats can be easily milked with shut-off liners and they are compatible with most milking systems in New Zealand.
Matching liners to your herd
Reflex milking liners are designed to match cow breeds and the different configurations of milking sheds around New Zealand. Our range of square liners also covers most configurations around NZ and can mean shorter milking time. Check out our best practice page for top tips on choosing and getting the best performance from your milking liners.
Jersey Cows and Mt Pirongia
Jersey Cow Herds
21mm mouthpiece liners – typically have smaller teats
Cross breed herd
Cross Breed / Mixed Cow Herds
22mm mouthpiece liners – typically have medium teats
Friesian cows
Friesian Cow Herds
23mm mouthpiece liners – typically have larger teats
Liner conversion table
Liner to Liner
If you know your current milking liner, use our handy Liner to liner conversion calculator to convert to the correct Reflex or VacPlus Square liner.
Liner Replacement Calculator
Liner change calculator
Easily calculate how often you need to change liners to retain optimum performance, and set a calendar reminder for when they are next due.

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