SilcPlus Silicone Tubing

SilcPlus is a premium tubing solution for your dairy shed. Silicone tubing is highly durable and offers visibility of the milk as it travels through the milking system.

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Silicone tubing

SilcPlus silicone tubing is a premium tubing solution for your dairy shed.

  • Highly durable with an increased product lifespan under normal operating conditions
  • Highly resistant to splitting, tearing and perishing
  • Low absorbency, easily cleaned and reduced discolouring
  • Easily observe milk flow
  • Developed for NZ dairy conditions


TIP: For best results replace silicone tubing when damaged or discoloured (milk fat absorption). Silicone tubing requires an additional Alkali wash cycle to remove excess milk residue and protect against milk fat absorption.


For expert advice on silicone tubing, contact us for a free rubberware review of your dairy shed. Book a Farm Visit today with your local Skellerup Technical Specialist.

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