SilcPlus Silicone Tubing

SilcPlus has been developed for New Zealand dairy operations. The manufacturing process allows the tubing to retain double the strength of other products in the market, and an increased life-expectancy under normal operating conditions. Milk tubes and air tubes are a vital part of the milking shed, ensuring the milk is transported without being tainted and your milking shed system performs. 

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Features and Benefits
The SilcPlus range of tubing is compliant with NZCP1, which is the operational code issued by the Ministry of Primary Industries for the Design and Operation of Farm Dairies (section 14.1.5) & BFR European food grade standards. 
Cows in paddock
Optimal efficiency and long lasting
SilcPlus silicone tubing
Resists splitting, tearing and perishing
Farmer in dairy shed
Allows milk flow to be observed
Windale Farm 20_A
Low absorbency, resists discolouring and holds to fittings

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