Skellerup Vacuum Pumps

Skellerup provides an extensive range of vacuum solutions to suit a wide range of installation requirements and operating conditions.

These robust oil seal pumps have been the work horse of the dairy industry for decades. Skellerup manufactures a range of pumps from 200 lpm to 3200 lpm, all with the ability to operate up to 23” Hg. These pumps are offered with a variety of oiling systems from the basic bottle lubricator to the very accurately regulated remote dripper systems.

Enquiries to [email protected]

Skellerup Milk Transfer Pumps

Designed and manufactured by Skellerup to ensure the safe and sanitary transfer of milk from the milking machine system to the bulk storage vessel. We have a range of milking pumps for a variety of applications.

Skellerup Centrifugal Milk Pumps are manufactured from Pressed Stainless Steel and are available as complete pump units or as pump headsets only. Various size options are available in the Skellerup range; .55kW, 1.1kW and 1.5kW.

Enquiries to [email protected]

Skellerup Plate Heat Exchangers for Milking Systems

Skellerup Plate Heat Exchangers/Coolers are designed for the effective primary cooling of milk before it enters the bulk storage / refrigeration vessel. Efficient primary milk cooling systems reduce farm energy costs and help ensure premium grade milk is delivered to the processor.

The Skellerup range of coolers are compact, lightweight, wall mounted and easy to maintain. These units cover flow rates from 900 lph to 6750 lph and are available in both Simplex and Complex formats.

Enquiries to [email protected]

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