Red Bands – A Kiwi Icon

You’ll find them everywhere from the farm to the building site, to the back step at home and the sideline of footy fields all over New Zealand, and even abroad. It’s fair to say you could come across a pair of Red Bands pretty much anywhere at any time.

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Kiwi Gumboots

They have become part of the Kiwi landscape and our national identity alongside other Kiwiana icons like the All Blacks, Buzzy Bees, Number 8 wire and the Edmonds Cookery Book. One of NZ’s most popular satirical characters, Fred Dagg, famously always wore Skellerup made gumboots, the Marathon and the Perth, and coined the famous phrase, “If it weren’t for your gumboots where would you be?”

  • Natural rubber compounds with built in UV inhibitors to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight
  • Heavy-duty non-clog cleated sole to keep you moving
  • Heavy-duty 100% cotton canvas bonded to the rubber gives the boots greater strength, flexibility and protection. 
  • Designed by Skellerup in NZ, made by Skellerup in China
A true New Zealand Icon
Designed with New Zealand’s unique and often harsh conditions in mind, Red Bands are both tough and comfortable – just what you need for a hard day’s work, a muddy morning on the sidelines, or an afternoon out in the garden.
Skellerup Red Band gumboots
Multiple layers of rubber bonded to heavy-duty cotton canvas linings to give the boots flexibility and protection.
Skellerup Red Band June 20 0133 (Large)
Rubber sponge insole
Rubber sponge insole for additional underfoot comfort.
Skellerup Pink Band lifestyle shot
Specifically designed UV-Inhibitors to guard against NZ’s harsh environment which degrades rubber quickly.
Red Bands
Heavy-duty and non-clog cleated sole for grip and stability on the farm, backyard, or anywhere you need a reliable boot.

Red Bands

Every Kiwi should have a pair!

Red Bands on a gate
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Skellerup Red Band June 20 0213 (Large)
Footwear Size Guide
Download our adult gumboot size chart
Skellerup Red Band gumboots
Children’s Size Guide
Download and print our handy children’s size guide. Measure little feet directly on the chart for an accurate fit!
Skellerup Pink Band Men and Women Youth
Skellerup Pink Bands will return May 2022
Skellerup, home of the iconic Red Band, launched Pink Bands in support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) in May 2021. Five dollars from every pair of boots went directly to the Foundation.
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