Skellerup VacPlus Square Milking Liners

With an innovative square barrel, VacPlus square milking liners have been proven to create a superior seal around the cow’s teat.

Join farmers across New Zealand and discover the VacPlus advantage of shorter milking times and the potential cost-savings from reduced animal health costs.

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The VacPlus Advantage

Improve milking performance and cow health, get the VacPlus advantage this season:

  • Faster and complete milk out
  • Reduced cup slip
  • Gentle on cow’s teats

VacPlus milking liners are compatible with the majority of milking equipment in New Zealand dairy sheds.




Farm Manager Ben Croft has been using Skellerup VacPlus square milking liners for over 10 years. He is milking 900 cows twice-a-day through a 50-bail rotary at Windale Farm located in Culverden, North Canterbury. Always looking to improve performance efficiency, Ben attributes shorter milkings and cow health benefits to using Vacplus square liners.

We’ve seen a significant reduction in cup slip and teat end damage, so we’re spending less time treating mastitis cows and chasing cell counts.

Watch the Ben’s story below to learn more.


Case study: VacPlus square milking liners

VacPlus video cover_Feb.23
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