VacPlus Square Milking Liners

Our liners are made in New Zealand from quality materials that are compliant with NZCP1 which is the operational code issued by the Ministry of Primary Industries for the Design and Operation of Farm Dairies (section 14.1.5). They are a popular choice for farmers who observe shorter milking times, and less teat end damage. This has the overall benefit of increased udder health and lower animal health costs.

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Skellerup VacPlus liner testimonial

Ben Croft from Windale Farm, Canterbury has experienced the benefit of using square liners

Windale Farm 01_A
Liner conversion table
Liner to Liner
If you know your current milking liner, use our handy Liner to liner conversion calculator to convert to the correct Reflex or VacPlus Square liner.
Liner Replacement Calculator
Liner change calculator
Easily calculate how often you need to change liners to retain optimum performance, and set a calendar reminder for when they are next due.

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