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Ambic’s significant expertise means products are specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating environment of the dairy farm. All Ambic products are made from the highest quality chemical resistant materials and proven components. From humble beginnings, Ambic has consistently grown and expanded its distribution so that today its products are sold and used by farmers in more than 55 countries around the world, as well as here in New Zealand. Ambic is now recognised as the world leader in mastitis prevention and mastitis detection.

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Ambic Mastitis Detector

Designed in conjunction with the National Institute for Research into Dairying, the original multi award winning in line Mastitis Detectors revolutionised the identification of Clinical Mastitis while milking.

The larger Vision Mastitis Detector is extremely efficient at detecting clots and is specially designed and proven not to cause any vacuum drop under normal milking conditions.

  • Superior Mastitis detection, early treatment, quick return to full milk production.
  • Easily installed in minutes
  • 100% Mastitis detection during milking
  • Simple visual check, spots clinical Mastitis every time
  • Cost effective – pays for itself in a few weeks by detecting clinical cases
  • Eliminates the need for messy fore milking
  • No decrease in peak flow rates or drop in vacuum levels during normal milking
  • Designed and manufactured from the highest food quality, chemical resistant materials
  • Cleans in position
Cows waiting to be milked
Original Mastitis Detector
  • Proven design and trusted for over 20 years.
  • Hard wearing stainless steel black Teflon coated screen
  • High visibility body for clear identification of clots
  • Designed to fit 12.7mm or 15.9mm milk tubes
  • The best-selling mastitis detector in the world
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Teat Spray

Ambic’s classic teat spray system was the first teat spray system to market in the late 1980s, followed by the development of its higher capacity Jetstream system which was developed to cater for larger herds and has become the industry benchmark for teat spraying. 

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