Skellerup’s branded milking liner range is designed to specifically match cow herds to the many different configurations of milking equipment represented on New Zealand dairy farms. The optimum milking liners can make a big difference to milk yield and cow comfort.

All Skellerup VacPlus and Reflex liners are made from the highest quality materials and meet the New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) regulations. The milking liner has the greatest impact on milking efficiency, hygiene and cow comfort, more than any other milking machine component. Changing your liners every 2500 milkings can prevent potential grading.

Changing your milking liners every 2500 milkings will provide you with the following benefits.
Shorter milking time
Milking times tend to increase during the season to a peak around November when maximum yield is achieved, changing liners provides a quicker milk-out, less energy is used in the plant and there is less stress on cows & more time for them to be feeding.
Reduced cup-slip
The causes of cup-slip are varied & not always the fault of milking liners, however worn liners can significantly contribute to slippage. Less cup-slip can lead to savings in animal health costs (less teat / udder-health issues), energy savings from shorter milking times & less stress on cows.
Dairy farmer in milking shed
Lower somatic cell count
Changing your liners during peak SCC times (after calving & toward the end of lactation) may assist in reducing your SCC. General teat & udder health may be also improved. New rubberware (with less cracks) means less risk of bacteria entering the milk that can cause potential grading.
Dairy shed
Increased yield
The volume / weight of milk solids harvested from cows will increase through more complete milking-out of cow’s udders & also quicker average milking time, this allows the cows more time to feed and to produce more milk.
8 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Liner
  1. Make sure the liner tailpiece is the right size for your claw.
  2. Check the claws for sharp edges. Sharp claws may cause impact damage on the short milk tube. Use emery paper to take off any sharp edges.
  3. Always remove the liner from the jetters after cleaning, otherwise you’ll get mouthpiece distortion. (It also lets air circulate through the system.)
  4. When fitting the liner in the shell, ensure the indicator markers are aligned so the liner isn’t twisted in the barrel.
  5. Clean with approved chemicals as per manufacturers’ instructions and use water at the recommended temperature. Cold water does not remove the butterfat!
  6. Release the liner tension in the shell at the end of the season if the liners 2,500 milkings are not up.
  7. The sun and ozone has an effect on rubber, protect your liners as much as possible.
  8. REMEMBER: Change your liners after 2,500 milkings.
Windale Farm 20_A (Large)
What makes Reflex Liners so good?
1Mouth piece
2Square barrell design
3Tension ring
4Multi-fit tail piece
5Vacuum shut off
Success stories
Read what other farmers have to say
Last season brought more challenges than most for a family owned and operated dairy farm on the Hauraki Plains, but there was one major highlight: the herd’s average bulk somatic cell count (SCC) dropped by half. 
Maintaining high milk quality is a serious business for Waikato sharemilkers Maree and Irvine (Butch) Campbell.  But even so they were surprised to come through their worst spring in years with the lowest bulk milk somatic cell counts (BMSCC) they had ever achieved.
conversion table
Liner to Liner
If you know your current milking liner use our handy Liner to Liner Conversion calculator to convert to the correct Reflex or VacPlus Square liner.
Liner Replacement Calculator
Liner change calculator
If you don’t know your current milking liner use our handy Liner to Herd & Plant Conversion calculator to convert to the correct Reflex or VacPlus Square liner.

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