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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for over 60 years, the Skellerup Reflex range of dairy rubberware can supply the parts and accessories for the majority of New Zealand milking systems.

Our dairy rubberware is made specifically to match cow breeds and the different configurations of milking equipment on New Zealand dairy farms. Skellerup Reflex delivers consistent performance and durability to allow you to maximise returns.

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Skellerup Reflex
Milking Liners

Skellerup Reflex milking liners are designed to match cow herds to the different configurations of milking equipment on New Zealand dairy farms.


The milking liner is the only contact point between the milking machine and the cow’s teat, so it has a strong influence on milking performance, udder and teat health. Therefore, it is important to carefully select a milking liner to suit your dairy herd and milking system.


When selecting a Reflex milking liner, you will need to consider the following performance features:



All Skellerup ‘M’ liners are multi-fit and will suit the majority of milk claws used in New Zealand. 



A vacuum shut-off (SO) groove on the liner tailpiece is activated as the cluster is put on the cow at lactation. 

  • Promotes vacuum stability for effective pulsation to stimulate milk flow and maintain a high flow rate from the teat
  • Reduces pressure at the connection point of the liner and claw
  • Increased ease of milking cows with three teats

SO liners are required on claws with straight cut milk inlet nipples.


For recommendations and expert advice on liner selection, contact us for a free rubberware review of your dairy shed. Book a Farm Visit today with your local Skellerup Technical Specialist.

Best fit for your herd
Skellerup Reflex milking liners are available in three mouthpiece sizes to fit cow breeds on New Zealand dairy farms. The liner mouthpiece and barrel are tailored to fit the teat shape and size for an airtight seal, minimising liner slips, cluster falls and teat end damage. Use the following guide to select the liner mouthpiece size to fit your herd for milking efficiency and cow comfort.
Jersey Cow Herds
21mm mouthpiece liners – typically have smaller teats
Cross Breed/Mixed Cow Herds
22mm mouthpiece liners – typically have medium teats
Friesian Cow Herds
23mm mouthpiece liners – typically have larger teats
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For expert advice and recommendations on your rubberware requirements this season, contact us for a free consultation of your dairy shed.
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Designed and made in NZ to specifically match cow breeds to different configurations of milking equipment. Having the correct liner for your dairy herd and milk

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