Mastitis prevention and mastitis detection

Ambic Equipment Limited is a world leading specialist in the development and production of mastitis prevention and mastitis detection equipment.

With over 40 years of science and innovation, Ambic understands the importance of dairy hygiene and livestock health management. In collaboration with primary research partner National Institute for Research in Dairying (NIRD), Ambic has developed award-winning technologies for the detection and prevention of mastitis. Ambic products are made in England from high quality materials and exported to dairy farmers in over 60 countries.

Monitor and protect your herd’s health, discover the Ambic product range.

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Mastitis Detection
Ambic Mastitis Detector

Ambic Vision Mastitis Detectors are a simple, effective method of identifying mastitis clots during milking as an indicator of clinical mastitis. The Vision14 is the original Mastitis Detector designed to fit 12-14mm milk tube. The second generation Vision16 fits 14-16mm milk tube.

  • Guaranteed mastitis detection 365 days of the year
  • Easily installed in minutes
  • 100% mastitis detection during milking
  • Simple visual check, spots clinical mastitis every time


The Mastitis Detectors allow for early detection and treatment of mastitis, so you can quickly return to full milk production. A proactive and cost-effective approach to detecting clinical mastitis. 


Mastitis Prevention
Ambic Teat Spray System

Ambic Jetstream Teat Spray System is an effective mastitis control measure. The vacuum driven teat spray unit is reliable, easy to install and suits a range of sprayable teat disinfectants.

  • Fully vacuum operated so no electricity required
  • Switches on and off automatically with the milking system
  • Self regulating pressure maintains constant throughput
  • Expandable to meet the needs of larger herd sizes



Teat spraying is critical for maintaining teat skin health and controlling mastitis during lactation. DairyNZ have identified the following benefits of teat spraying: 

  • Teat spraying after milking has been proven to reduce new mastitis infections by 50%
  • Minimises risk of BMSCC (bulk milk somatic cell count) grades from dairy companies, resulting from subclinical and clinical mastitis infections
  • Reduces cow discomfort and poor milking performance associated with the pain of damaged teats
  • Improves teat skin condition


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