Success Stories

Tradition plays an important role on a second generation family dairy farm in Taranaki with a proud and successful 50 year history of stud breeding.  But at least one tradition went out the window nearly a decade ago when ‘normal’ round rubber milking liners were replaced with a radical new square design.
Recycled milk filters have become a daily essential for improved milk hygiene on a South Taranaki dairy farm – but not in the way you might think.
Last season brought more challenges than most for a family owned and operated dairy farm on the Hauraki Plains, but there was one major highlight: the herd’s average bulk somatic cell count (SCC) dropped by half. 
Maintaining high milk quality is a serious business for Waikato sharemilkers Maree and Irvine (Butch) Campbell.  But even so they were surprised to come through their worst spring in years with the lowest bulk milk somatic cell counts (BMSCC) they had ever achieved.
Last season was one many North Island dairy farmers are happy to have behind them, and the Bernhards of South Waikato are no exception.

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