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Our Quatro™ gumboots by Skellerup range provides exceptional levels of comfort on hard surfaces like concrete, making them very popular in the dairy shed, particularly the Quatro Safety styles. Skellerup’s been making gumboots by hand for over 70 years, and we used this expertise to create the Quatro gumboot. These boots have a host of features that make them hard wearing in tough agricultural and industrial settings, but ensure that you can wear them comfortably all day. 

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  • Quatro Insulated are perfect for colder months, and come in knee and calf length. They are so well insulated you won’t even need gumboot socks to keep your feet warm!
  • Quatro Lights are ideal during warmer months, and can be trimmed to calf length using the handy line guide.
  • Safety styles include Quatro Insulated Safety and Quatro Non Insulated Safety if you require added protection. 
  • For a wider fit, Quatro Comfort Plus has an adjustable side gusset.
  • Quatro gumboots are designed by Skellerup in NZ and made by Skellerup in China.
Quatro gumboots by Skellerup
  • Podiatrist-inspired removable Poliyou® footbed with built in arch and heel supports
  • Ergonomically designed to support the foot, lock in ankle and prevent heel slip – for optimal all day comfort.
  • Multi-layer insulation to keep you comfortable and warm all day long.
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  • Specially formulated natural rubber to withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Hardwearing dual-density rubber sole suitable for all terrains - offering grip, shock absorption and quick cleaning.
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  • Quatro Safety features our proven UV resistant rubber shell with the 360 SureGrip nitrile rubber outsole and a penetration resistant midsole.
  • EN certified steel toe cap combine to make Quatro™ Safety the boot of choice for those looking for all-day comfort, performance and safety.
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