Skellerup Top Tips for the Dairy Shed
Liner change & rubberware care

Follow these tips to troubleshoot common issues in the dairy shed this season. You can also watch below Skellerup’s top tips for the dairy shed.



The industry standard from DairyNZ is to change liners after 2,500 milkings. Liner shape, tension and inner surface condition deteriorate over time affecting their milking performance.

  • Flex cracking in the barrel. Increased risk of liners splitting. Bacteria growth in flex cracks can contaminate milk and impact your grade.
  • Mineral deposit build-up. Mineral deposits lead to an abrasive liner surface, damaging teats and increasing the risk of infection.
  • Liner mouthpiece and barrel distortion. The result of swelling from milkfat and chemical absorption. Liner mounting tension is critical for pulsation and maintaining a high flow rate from the teat while stimulating milk flow. Incomplete milk out can contribute to higher somatic cell counts (SCC) and an increased risk of mastitis. Worn-out liners lead to lost performance due to cup slip and increased average milking time.



After plant washing procedures ensure clusters are removed from the jetters. A measure to safeguard the condition of your liners and prevent cup slip.



Avoid rubberware degrading too quickly by following Skellerup recommendations and using approved chemicals. Wash rubberware with a strong, hot alkaline detergent twice weekly to remove milkfat deposits and rinse thoroughly. Regularly check the internal condition of milk tubing for rubber deterioration. For rotary sheds, don’t forget to include the centre of the platform in routine maintenance checks.


New Zealand’s dairy rubberware specialists

Book a farm visit with your local Skellerup Technical Specialist this season to find out how you can get the most from your dairy shed.

Sean Ginders and his sister-in-law Dee Ginders from Medstone Dairy in Hawarden, North Canterbury discuss the top rubberware tips they’ve learnt from their local Skellerup Technical Specialist. Watch the video below to learn more.


Top Tips for the Dairy Shed

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