Mastitis Prevention

Mastitis costs the New Zealand Dairy Industry an estimated $180 million annually which is over $16,000 per farm.  Follow the information below on how to correctly use Ambic products to help eliminate or reduce instances of mastitis in your herd.  An independent trial was undertaken by QCONZ comparing an Ambic Teat spray system with a hand help teat sprayer. The results of this trial concluded that not only did the Ambic Teat Sprayer use less Teat Spray chemical but also was 28% better teat coverage than hand-held sprayer.

Teat Spraying
  1. For maximum effectiveness spray immediately after cups are removed as this is when there is the highest risk of infection. Teat ends remain open until a keratin plug forms to protect the teat canal.
  2. Spray the teat of every cow at every milking, in a continuous circular motion. This ensures correct coverage efficient use of chemicals.
  3. For effective Mastitis pathogen control the teats must be completely covered with disinfectant, within 20-30 seconds after cup removal. The nozzle should ideally be positioned approximately 15cm below teats.
  4. Use a ‘solid cone’ nozzle for optimum teat coverage. A ‘hollow ring’ spray pattern can result in parts of the teat, or even the entire teat not being sprayed – see image below.
Ambic new gun in use
Mastitis prevention in larger herds

Ambic vacuum operated teat spraying offers a fast and efficient method of mastitis control for the largest herd. Following simple step by step instructions, the Ambic system can be installed in under two hours using a drill, screwdriver and cable ties.

Annual servicing of the directional valve and replacement of the air filter takes about 5 minutes. This is all that is necessary to ensure on-going trouble free operation. The plastic lance, solid cone gun is recommended for application of teat spray due to its extended reach and non-adjustable nozzle to ensure the correct spray is applied every time. It is recommended that teats be sprayed within 30 seconds of cup removal.

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