Skellerup Pink Band Gumboot Sock

Product Code: FMS610 - FMS612

One dollar from every pair of limited edition Pink Band gumboot socks sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. Together let’s help Aotearoa move two steps closer to zero deaths attributed to this devastating disease. So, dig deep for a pair in pink.

Made in New Zealand to the same specifications as our original Red Band gumboot socks, these merino blend socks feature pink detailing.

Limited sizes are available in-store and online at Farmlands, Farm Source, and PGG Wrightson. Check with your local retailer. 

Hurry, they go quick! Only while stocks last.

Colour Size Pack size Product code
Pink Mens 2-5 / Womens 4-7 1 FMS610
Pink Mens 6-10 / Womens 8-12 1 FMS611
Pink Mens 11-13 1 FMS612

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