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VacPlus Milking Liners

Product Code: RIL149, RIL1193, RIL1194,RIL1091, RIL1247

VacPlus Square milking liners feature an innovative square barrel that provides vacuum stability around the cow’s teat, resists cup slip and enhances milk-flow for a fast, efficient milk-out.

The NZ industry standard is that milking liners should be changed after 2,500 milkings. Use the Skellerup milking liner change calculator as a quick reference for how often you need to change liners to retain optimum performance, and set a calendar reminder for when they are next due.

For more information or to determine if your shed configuration requires shut-off liners, please consult with your rural retailer or Skellerup Technical Specialist.

Product Name Specifications Unit(s)/Carton Product Code
Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liner ST22 Fit 11.8-12.8mm Claws 4 RIL149
Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liner M22 Fit 12.8-14mm Claws 4 RIL1193
Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liner M22 SO Fit 12.8-14mm Claws 4 RIL1194
Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liner M23 Fit 12.8-14mm Claws 4 RIL1091
Skellerup VacPlus Milking Liner SQH Fit Grommet Bowl 4 RIL1247

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