Skellerup Reflex Rubber Bends

Product Code: RRQ159 - RRQ480

Milk tubes and air tubes are a vital part of the milking shed, ensuring the milk is transported without being tainted and your milking shed system performs. Made in NZ, Skellerup tubing has been developed to withstand NZ farming requirements, in a range of sizes to suit your needs.  For best results, replace any rubberware that comes into contact with milk every season, and other rubberware when perished, cracked or damaged.

Product Name Specifications Unit(s)/Carton Product Code
Skellerup Reflex Rubber Bend Fits 19mm 1 RRQ159
Skellerup Reflex Rubber Bend Fits 32mm 1 RRQ287
Skellerup Reflex Rubber Bend Fits 38mm 1 RRQ351
Skellerup Reflex Rubber Bend Fits 50mm 1 RRQ480

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