Ambic Teat Spray Unit


Ambic vacuum operated teat sprayers offer a fast and efficient method of mastitis prevention for the dairy herd.  The Ambic system can be installed under two hours and runs off the dairy plant vacuum so no electricity is required.  Annual servicing of the directional valve and replacement of the air filter does not take time and is all that is necessary to ensure on-going trouble free operation.

Kit contains:

  • RAT413 Vacuum Pipe Adaptor x 3
  • RAT412 Liquid Intake Pipe + Filter x 1
  • RAT428 18m Transparent Tubing x 1
  • RAT407 T Connector x 1
  • RAT502 Spray Gun x 1
  • RAT406 Retractable Coil
  • RAT429 Blanking Plugs x 2
  • Cable ties x 30
  • Screws + plugs x 2
  • Ambic spanner x 1


Product Name Unit(s)/Carton Description Product Code
Ambic Teat Spray Unit 1 The unit comes complete with 1 gun RAT100

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