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Our R&D teams work in NZ and international locations on projects, in an environment that encourages creativity, lateral thinking and inventiveness. We also have in-house capability to work with international customers to design products that meet specific market requirements. Skellerup’s signature product is the rubber milking liner – the only component that comes in contact with a cow’s teat during milking.

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We supply leading global and regional OEMs, and we are the world’s second largest manufacturer of dairy rubberware.

The acquisition of Australian company Deks in 2003 also makes Skellerup one of the largest producers of roof flashings globally. In the United States, Skellerup is a preferred supplier of vacuum pumps to key distributors in the dairy industry and in mobile liquid waste removal.

We have made it a priority to meet international standards for both our products and management practices. These standards are important when dealing with markets that require verification of operating standards identical to their own.

Skellerup Accreditation

  • Skellerup has been independently audited and awarded ISO 9001, an international accreditation recognising quality assurance
  • Independent audit also awarded us ISO 14001, the international standard that focuses on minimising environmental impacts across product life cycles. 
  • Skellerup is also one of the few companies in New Zealand to gain the ASNZ4801 accreditation for its health and safety management systems.

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