This year’s #redbandcountry entries
We asked, and boy did you deliver! We received hundreds of photo entries from the back paddock—to the wedding isle—and every puddle in-between. Find us a Kiwi more loyal than a Red Bands wearer! (We’ll wait.) Check out all of the 2022 #redbandcountry entries below.
RBC winner_762x900px_WEB tile

We couldn’t possibly pick a winner, so we put the power in the hands of the Red Bands fans! All votes are in and our 2022 #redbandcountry winner (and proud new owner of a Weber Traveler BBQ) is…


Ashtyn Miers of Gisborne!


The three musketeers. Thank you for sharing this special snap with us, Ashtyn! We can’t wait to feature it in our 2023 Red Band Calendar.

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