Skellerup Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Skellerup Industries Limited Terms and Conditions For Purchase of Goods

The Conditions endorsed hereon shall be the Conditions of this Contract and acceptance of this order implies acceptance of these Conditions.

1. The goods must be in good order and condition and exactly in accordance with this order or any specification mentioned in this order. Quantities must not exceed those ordered or specified unless permission is obtained prior to delivery.

2. All orders placed by us are strictly confidential.

3. All patterns, specifications, drawings, designs or other property supplied by us to the acceptor of this order must be delivered to us immediately on demand and must not be used in connection with the production of goods other than goods ordered by us.

4.  All packaging of goods delivered must carry identification as specified on the purchase order.

5.  We reserve the right to cancel this order in its entirety at no cost to us if not filled by the quoted delivery date. In the event of our normal course of manufacture being interrupted, restricted, hindered, or delayed by any cause beyond our control, or by any exceptional cause whatsoever, we are at liberty to cancel outright without cost or defer the date or dates of delivery.

6.  Any increase to the price of these goods ordered and quoted on this order, or appearing in any written quotation, or if subject to any ruling price system, will not be entertained.

7.  All goods must be accompanied by a Packing Slip quoting the Order Number.

Responsibility will not be accepted for material delivered if not supported by a packing slip quoting our Purchase Order Number. Goods rejected and held by the purchaser will be at Vendor’s risk.


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