Skellerup Industries' new Dairy Rubberware Development and Manufacturing facility was built and fully commissioned in August 2016 at Wigram Business Park, Christchurch and will provide opportunities that will benefit our customers and our staff.

The new building reflects our focus on being responsive to customers’ requirements through operational excellence. Our team members have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise about our products, processes and equipment over many years. These same people have been involved in determining the building design and layout.  This means we will have a set-up that optimises the needs of our manufacturing processes, our warehouse and distribution operations, and the integration of our design and product development functions.

We planned carefully to minimise our impact on both our customer needs, by extending our production capacity to ensure no disruption to supply during the relocation, and the environment.  The facility is designed to be functional, practical and sustainable. It also provides room for growth so we can continue to deliver high-quality food-grade dairy products to customers throughout the world.  We are proud to have a world-class facility available to service the requirements of our local and global customers.