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We’ve been making quality footwear since 1943, and have set the standard for waterproof footwear in New Zealand and around the world. Whether it's gumboots, hiking boots or specialty boots like forestry, you'll find what you need here.

Footwear Type
Image of Quatro Safety Insulated Knee Image of Quatro Safety Insulated Knee
Quatro Safety Insulated Knee
Knee height boot with fully insulated thermal layer rated down to -50ºC featuring a penetration resistant steel midsole, an internal steel and external abrasion resistant toe cap for ultimate protection.
Product Code: FQS606P - FQS613P
Image of Quatro Non Insulated Safety Knee Image of Quatro Non Insulated Safety Knee
Quatro Non Insulated Safety Knee
Ergonomically designed non-insulated safety boot made with a quick drying, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial internal leg lining
Product Code: FQS706P - FQS714P
Image of Quatro Dielectric Safety Knee
Quatro Dielectric Safety Knee
High-spec, fully waterproof, hand-built, rubber dielectric safety boot.
Product Code:

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