Red Band Safety Knee

Product Code: FRR504 - FRR514
  • Made by hand using durable natural rubber for a long-lasting safety gumboot
  • Oil, acid, heat and electrical (18KV) hazard resistant nitrile rubber outsole
  • Second external leg band for trimming to calf height
  • Steel toe cap tested to resist a 200 Joule impact. Highest level of protection against drop and crush injuries
  • Dual-layer reinforced rubber external toe cap provides abrasion resistance
  • All terrain outsole with molded tread quickly releases mud and provides excellent traction
  • All day comfort footbed with energy absorbing heel, rubber foam cushioning and orthotic insole for ultimate support. Ideal for prolonged standing on hard surfaces
  • Rigid heel counter for greater stability and support for your foot and ankle
  • Kick lug
  • Quick drying, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial internal leg lining
  • 100% waterproof safety gumboot to keep your feet dry
  • Built in UV inhibitors to withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunlight
  • Available in sizes UK4 – 14

Safety certifications: AS 2210.3:2019; EN ISO 20345-2011; SB, FO, E, HRO, SRA

Size Foot Length (mm) Product Code
4 242 FRR504
5 250 FRR505
6 258 FRR506
7 265 FRR507
8 274 FRR508
9 284 FRR509
10 292 FRR510
11 300 FRR511
12 309 FRR512
13 317 FRR513
14 326 FRR514
Measuring guide
How to accurately measure your foot at home

It’s best to try on boots for the perfect fit, but when it’s not possible, follow our guide below.

You’ll need:

  • Paper, or other flat surface you can draw on
  • Pen
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Flat wall and floor


  1. Place heel of foot and paper against the wall
  2. Trace around the foot with pen
  3. Use tape measure or ruler to measure length from heel to longest toe


  • Between sizes? Choose the larger size. Thicker socks and innersoles can help get a snug fit if needed, and feet can expand up to 1cm during an active or a warm day.
  • Most people have one foot slightly longer than the other, it’s important to do both feet, then select the larger measurements.

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