Skellerup Pink Band Women/Youth

Product Code: FRP203-FRP208

We’ve released another drop of Pink Bands to help raise awareness of breast cancer and support Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.  Built in exactly the same way as the iconic Red Band, these natural rubber gumboots feature pink detailing and the BCFNZ logo on the side. Skellerup will donate $5 from every pair sold, which will be donated to BCFNZ.

Nine New Zealanders are diagnosed with breast cancer each day, a third of which live outside the main centres. In rural communities it’s more complicated to access treatment and take time off farm which is why Skellerup is supporting BCFNZ to help raise awareness of the disease.

Please note these are special edition, only available from Farm Source, Farmlands and PGG Wrightson. Once they have sold out we are unable to order more unfortunately.

Size Foot length (mm) Product code
3 219 FRP203
4 230 FRP204
5 237 FRP205
6 248 FRP206
7 255 FRP207
8 263 FRP208
9 270 FRP209
Measuring guide
How to accurately measure your foot at home

It’s best to try on boots for the perfect fit, but when it’s not possible, follow our guide below.

You’ll need:

  • Paper, or other flat surface you can draw on
  • Pen
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Flat wall and floor


  1. Place heel of foot and paper against the wall
  2. Trace around the foot with pen
  3. Use tape measure or ruler to measure length from heel to longest toe


  • Between sizes? Choose the larger size. Thicker socks and innersoles can help get a snug fit if needed, and feet can expand up to 1cm during an active or a warm day.
  • Most people have one foot slightly longer than the other, it’s important to do both feet, then select the larger measurements.

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