Peach Teat - Threaded

Product Code: RMT758 - RMT777

Trusted by NZ farmers for years, the iconic Peach Teat will fit the vast majority of feeders used around the country and are commonly used on Stallion, Milk Bar and McKee calf feeders, or any feeder with a 19-22mm teat hole. 

  • There is a Peach Teat available to fit any Stallion, Milk Bar or McKee calf feeder and any feeder with a 19-22mm teat hole.
  • Rapid acceptance – calves latch on and stay on
  • Simulates a cow’s natural milk let down
  • Designed to function like a real cow’s teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling
  • Ideal for weak and sick calves
  • Peach Teats threaded attachment method means easy removal for cleaning or replacement
  • Peach Teat Easy-fit Adaptor converts feeders from pull-through to threaded
Product Name Specifications Unit(s)/Carton Product Code
Peach Teat Threaded Black Black 50 RMT758
Peach Teat Threaded Pink Pink 50 RMT777

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