Whether it's Skellerup gumboots, work boots or work socks, from the iconic Red Band to our specialist Firefighting boots, whatever your application we've got a product to meet your needs.


Aqua-Terra. Working on wet, smooth surfaces is now both safer and more comfortable

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Quatro Light

Quatro Light. The comfort of the original Quatro in a lightweight summer style.

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Quatro Safety

Introducing the next generation of fully waterproof rubber safety boots.

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Red Band work boots

Red Band leather work boots from Skellerup are the only boot to carry the Red Band guarantee of quality and reliability - 100% Guaranteed

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Red Bandals

Red Bandals. What to wear when you're not wearing Red Bands.

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Schöen Forestry Pro

The knee high Schöen Forestry Pro is ideal for anyone looking for an extra level of safety in what is an extremely challenging work environment.

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