Skellerup Rubber Products (Jiangsu) Ltd was established in 2003 and is located in China's Jiangsu province. This manufacturing arm of Skellerup Industries, was born from our desire to regain control of our own waterproof footwear manufacturing. The factory is managed by senior Skellerup staff who were responsible for the original planning and setting-up of the complex.

Building on Skellerup's extensive knowledge, experience and pedigree in rubber gumboot manufacturing we produce hand-built, laid-up gumboots to exacting specifications. This time-proven method of construction, carried out by highly skilled operatives, when coupled with rubber compounds of the highest quality, ensures that Skellerup Jiangsu produce gumboots that are strong, durable and uphold Skellerup's long-standing reputation in waterproof footwear.

Working in tandem with Skellerup Jiangsu's Gumboot Building Department is our Rubber Technology Program. Within this program, rubber experts are constantly working at developing new and improved rubber compounds that are individually tailored toward specific work and leisure environments.

Skellerup Jiangsu is supported by the framework of its Total Quality Management System which has been structured to ensure all processes are documented and monitored giving confidence that every product manufactured is worthy of bearing the Skellerup name.