Peach Teats are suitable for the vast majority of calf feeders available in New Zealand.

Stallion, Milk Bar and McKee calf feeders or 19-22mm teat holes can be fitted with Peach Teats. Calf feeders can be converted from pull-through to threaded teats with the Peach Teat Easy-Fit Adaptor. Made in New Zealand from natural rubber, Peach Teats deliver optimal feeding performance to help you this calving season.

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Calf feeding

Made in New Zealand from natural rubber, Peach Teats are designed to feel natural and comfortable to the calf. Peach Teats support natural feeding behaviour by simulating a cow’s natural milk let-down, allowing the calf to suckle more intensely than conventional technology.

  • Rapid acceptance – calves latch on and stay on
  • Simulates a cow’s natural milk let-down
  • Mimics a cow’s teat by constantly moving while the calf is suckling
  • Leak resistant design
  • Non-return valve never closes in its relaxed state so cannot be blocked
  • Threaded attachment to feeders allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement
  • Ideal for weak and sick calves


Peach Teats reduce the stress of calf rearing and ensure your calves get the best start to life.

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