Skellerup Top Tips for the Dairy Shed
Cup slip & cluster alignment

Follow these tips to troubleshoot common issues in the dairy shed this season. Watch below Skellerup’s top tips for the dairy shed.



Poor cluster alignment can lead to cup slip, check the cluster is sitting square underneath the udder during lactation. And as always, make sure you are using the right liner mouthpiece size to fit your herd. Skellerup milking liners are designed to comfortably fit the teat size of various cow breeds for an airtight seal for effective milk out.



Ensure milk and air tubing are the correct length. Short tubing can pull on the cluster affecting milk out and cluster alignment.


New Zealand’s dairy rubberware specialists

Book a farm visit with your local Skellerup Technical Specialist this season to find out how you can get the most from your dairy shed.

Sean Ginders and his sister-in-law Dee Ginders from Medstone Dairy in Hawarden, North Canterbury discuss the top rubberware tips they’ve learnt from their local Skellerup Technical Specialist. Watch the video below to learn more.


Top Tips for the Dairy Shed

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