To maintain optimal milking efficiency, we recommend changing tubing that contacts milk every year, and tubing that contacts air every two years.

All Skellerup rubberware that contacts milk complies with the NZFSA (New Zealand Food Standards Authority) and BFR European food grade standards and is designed for NZ dairy conditions.


Do not over stretch tubing, fit correct size to pipe work, a 4mm difference from internal diameter of tubing to external diameter of pipe is ideal. Dip tubing in warm water to aid with fitting.


Remove sharp angles and tubing kinks where possible. Flush with quality cleaning chemicals, using manufacturer’s wash regimes before use. Replace any cracked or split tubing IMMEDIATELY.


Annual replacement is recommended for any rubberware that comes into contact with milk. Air tubes can last longer but cracking will affect vacuum and milking performance. Milk tubing eventually absorbs milk fat and cracks allowing bacteria to build up.

Silicone Tubing

For optimal efficiency and long life, use silicone tubing in your shed. It resists splitting, tearing and perishing, and allows milk flow to be observed.

SILCPLUS, advanced formulation silicone dairy tubing:

  • Resists splitting, tearing and perishing
  • Low absorbency, resists discolouring and holds to fittings
  • Milkflow can easily be observed

SilcPlus has been developed for New Zealand dairy operations. The manufacturing process allows the tubing to retain double the strength of existing product in the market. A key feature of the new tubing is the dramatic life-expectancy increase under normal operating conditions.

The SilcPlus range of tubing complies with the NZFSA (New Zealand Food Standards Authority) & BFR European food grade standards.

Size Recommendations

  • 16mm OD Stainless Steel Tube use 14mm SilcPlus Silicone Tubing
  • 19mm OD Stainless Steel Tube use 16mm SilcPluc Silicone Tubing


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food gradeAll Skellerup Dairy Products that come into contact with milk are Food Grade Compliant