Milk Filters

filters standingSkellerup Stevens Filterite has a proud history of manufacturing only the highest quality milk filters to the global dairy market. Sourcing raw materials from leading fabric manufacturers, our milk filters provide unique performance attributes in demanding filtration applications.

Our advanced multilayered wetlaid fabric is tailored to optimise milk filtration performance whilst simultaneously ensuring the highest standard of mechanical strength. All our materials meet the rigorous NZFSA NZCP1 standard for milk filtration and our highly advanced manufacturing process ensures we can produce any sized filter required by the global dairy industry now, and into the future.


Benefit in Milk Filtration

Multilayer forming technique Depth filtration capability with functional layers
Progressive pore size (pore size gradient) High filtration capacity and efficiency
Uniform distribution of fibres in the product Consistent reliable filtration performance
Minimum variation in properties High performance everytime without variations
High flexibility in raw materials Optimized flow rate and filtration efficiency
High strength Optimize wet burst strength in all directions
Food contact approved materials AsureQuality assessed for use in farm dairies, NZCP1 compliant


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