Dairy Rubber And Silicone Products

Rubber and silicone productSkellerup is a global leader in the world of products made from technical polymers or rubber.

From our humble beginnings manufacturing rubber components for milking machines, Skellerup’s Dairy Division has expanded globally. We are primarily a producer of consumables for the dairy sector and sell and manufacture dairy rubber under contract to all the large dairy OEMs.

Over the last 80 years we have developed product ranges that includes dairy milking liners, rubber tubing, vacuum and milk pumps, milk filters, calf teats, and the Ambic range of dairy hygiene equipment. We are an industry leader in liners, currently manufacturing over 500 different types of liners

The Dairy Division's main market focus however is the manufacture and distribution of technically sophisticated products for the dairy industry. Our success in international markets is because we are not an industrial producer but have always been a rubber manufacturer focused on developing agricultural products that specialise in food contact grade compounds.

Our signature product is the rubber milking liner – the only component that comes in to contact with a cow's teat during milking.

The first dairy milking liners were manufactured by Skellerup in 1939. Since then, health standards, milking efficiencies, and greater awareness of the cow’s performance, has caused the dairy milking liner to evolve into the highly technical product it is today.

Skellerup has invested heavily in its research facilities and rubber compounds to ensure the supply of high quality products to the industry. We’ve also been fortunate to draw on innovative Kiwi ingenuity.

All of the machinery used by Skellerup to make dairy rubberware has been designed and invented by Skellerup and it is designed specifically for making dairy milking liners, rubber tubing and jetter wash cups.

Skellerup has a Research and Development team on site at its Woolston factory. The teams of design engineers and chemists are constantly working with customers to develop products and as one stream works on rubber and silicone formulations, another is working on improved mould design processes, while other engineers and mechanical specialists focusing on continuous improvement with plant technology.

Because pure rubber works well in the short term but does degrade over time especially when it is exposed to the high temperatures, and sterilisation cycles in the dairy shed, new formulations are constantly evolving in our Research & Development laboratories. This includes technology such as silicone dairy liners. The new liners make it possible for farmers to see the milk that leaves the cow and easily identify when the cow is milked out. Silicone also has improved oxygen and ozone resistance that allows for a longer life in the cowshed.

The new generation of silicone liners has a tougher inner surface and is designed to resist splitting, lower absorbency of milk fats, hold onto fittings better and remain clearer for longer.

The research and development is always completed in tandem with the ever-changing needs of global health standard regulators who monitor products which come in contact with food that is for human consumption.

All Skellerup rubberware that contacts milk complies with the NZFSA (New Zealand Food Standards Authority), BfR European food grade standards and is designed for New Zealand dairy conditions. We also work closely with the main European food safety groups to ensure our rubber and silicone compounds are REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances) compliant. This ensures our products meet the stringent requirements for human health and the environment through better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of all chemical substances used in the manufacturing of our products.

Skellerup also provides compounds which are compliant with the FDA (Food and Drug Authority) standards as defined by the United States of America food standard regulators to ensure our exported products to USA markets meet these stringent requirements.
At Skellerup, we firmly believe that not only must farmers be able to rely on the product to do the job it was designed to do, they need to be confident the products also meet or exceed the highest global industry food safety standards.