Skellerup continues support for I Am Hope and Gumboot Friday 2021

Skellerup is proud to continue to partner with I Am Hope and support Gumboot Friday 2021.

For the past three years, the Key to Life Charitable Trust has led with its I Am Hope and Gumboot Friday campaigns to seek to change the language and attitudes around mental well-being, while raising funds for Kiwi kids in need of access to counselling free of charge.

Skellerup today presented a cheque for $20,000 to the I Am Hope team lead by their founder and ambassador Mike King.

“Many of us have family, friends or colleagues who have battled or continue to battle mental health issues. We are proud to continue to support I Am Hope as they work tirelessly to seek to improve the mental well-being of young people,” says David Mair, Skellerup’s CEO.

Skellerup is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, employing over 350 New Zealanders nationwide plus a further 450 people overseas. Skellerup’s Red Band gumboots have been New Zealand’s most trusted gumboot for over 60 years and are embedded in Kiwi culture.

“For generations, New Zealanders have trusted our company and products. As a Kiwi icon, it is important for Skellerup to continue to support Kiwis enduring tough times,” says Mair.

For information about I Am Hope, visit

To find out where to purchase Red Bands, visit

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