Skellerup Pink Band gumboots return for 2022

After a very successful launch in 2021, Skellerup Industries Ltd  are once again supporting Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) by donating five dollars from every pair of gumboots and one dollar from every pair of socks to BCFNZ. Made in exactly the same way as traditional Red Bands, the gumboots feature a pink trim and the BCFNZ logo on the side. The socks are made from the same merino blend as our traditional gumboot socks, with pink detailing.

These special edition gumboots and socks will only be available while stocks last. Demand is expected to be high one again, and Skellerup has more than doubled the amount of Pink Band gumboots produced for 2022.

Why we’re supporting Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Nine New Zealanders are diagnosed with breast cancer each day, a third of which live outside the main centres. In rural communities it’s more complicated to access treatment and take time off farm which is why Skellerup is supporting BCFNZ to help raise awareness of the disease.

The impact of breast screening being paused during Covid-19 lockdowns means rural women may find it harder to access life-saving mammograms. Patients in rural communities are more likely to choose radical surgical options (i.e. mastectomy rather than breast-conserving surgery), generally because radiation therapy is largely available in the main centres and for most patients requires daily treatment for at least three weeks. The realities of farm life mean it’s not always possible for rural patients to take weeks (or months) off to receive treatment.

Other Press Releases
1 May 2021
Skellerup, home of the iconic Red Band, have just launched Pink Bands in support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ).
28 May 2021
Skellerup is proud to continue to partner with I Am Hope and support Gumboot Friday 2021.
11 February 2020
Skellerup has donated $20,000 to Gumboot Friday. In addition, it is donating $2 for every pair of Skellerup gumboots sold at Farmlands and Farm Source stores when the Tractor Trek visits.

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