Skellerup Quatro waterproof farm boots

Introducing Skellerup Quatro

Quatro is the next generation of New Zealand waterproof farm boots. Developed by Skellerup with the help of some clever blokes in the lab and some even cleverer ones in the field. (Well, paddock, actually).

They combine exceptional comfort, traction and over all performance in the most extreme weather conditions. Pull some on and get stuck in. That’s what they’re here for.

BeST Design Awards logo

The Quatro gumboot has chalked up a success at the 2009 Best Design Awards in New Zealand, winning a silver medal in the Product/Consumer category.

The awards, organised by the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ), celebrate the best of New Zealand design across a range of products and industries.

Photo of mud in a field

Industrial Design

Every part of gumboots was scrutinised, designed and tested by Skellerup technical experts and a team of independent industrial designers to develop the final Quatro product.

Photo of gumboots being manufactured

Footwear Manufacture

Skellerup have over 65 years experience manufacturing footwear for the most extreme conditions; producing footwear of the highest quality for the New Zealand and world markets.

Description of the Skellerup Quatro waterproof farm boot

Features and Benefits

Description of the Skellerup Quatro waterproof farm boot

Product detail

Quatro Calf Men size 4-14 RRP $171
Quatro Knee Men size 4-14 RRP $182