Milking Liners

Skellerup's branded milking liner range is designed to specifically match cow herds to the many different configurations of milking equipment represented on New Zealand dairy farms. The optimum milking liners can make a big difference to milk yield and cow comfort. All Skellerup VacPlus and Reflex liners are made from the highest quality materials and meet the New Zealand Food Standards Authority (NZFSA) regulations.

21mm mouth-piece liners are recommended for cows with smaller sized teats (Jerseys).
22mm mouth-piece liners are recommended for cows with medium sized teats (cross-breed or mixed cow herds).
23mm mouth-piece liners are recommended for cows with large sized teats (Friesian).

ST liners are Small Tail to fit 10-12mm claw nipples.
LT liners are Large Tail to fit 13-14mm claw nipples.
M liners are Multi-fit Tail to fit both small and large claw milk inlet nipples (10-14mm).

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Reflex Liner
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Reflex Liner

Reflex Liner

Liner Measurement

RIX545 ST 21 10-12mm Claws
RIX814 LT 21 12-14mm Claws
RIX662 ST 22 10-12mm Claws
RIX877 LT 22 12-14mm Claws
RIX815 LT 22W 12-14mm Claws
RIX867 ST 23 10-12mm Claws
RIX813 LT 23 12-14mm Claws
RIX1008 M22 Shut Off 10-14mm Claws
RIX1092 M22 Non Shut Off 10-14mm Claws